Katahdin: Dagen 165-169

Some final reflections:

We summitted Katahdin at 10am on Wednesday, August 11th, concluding our 2021 NoBo Appalachian Trail thruhike. We have been thruhiking from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine, since February, 24th. These past five and a half months on trail have held the adventure of a lifetime.
We hiked 2,193.1 miles on the AT (and an unknown quantity of additional miles walking to and from shelters, campsites, privies, hostels or stores)! We accumulated over 464,464 ft in elevation gain and loss, which is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest 16 times. We each had only one embedded tick and I only sh*t my pants once. Ranger bonked his head too many times to count. Our highest mileage day was 26.4 miles.
In nearly half a year of living on trail we were sure to experience a full range of human emotion: highs and lows, joy and pain. We genuinely loved every day on trail and despite the challenges I can honestly say we never once considered quitting. I always felt I was where I was supposed to be.
Words cannot express how grateful we are to everyone who encouraged and supported us: our families and friends back home, the trail angels and trail maintainers, and the tramilies we formed along the way. It is impossible to convey just how deeply this Appalachian Trail thruhike has touched each of our lives and awareness. I am forever changed.

– Sticks

It were as well to be educated in the shadow of a mountain as in more classic shade. Some will remember, no doubt, not only that they went to college, but that they went to the mountain.
– Henry David Thoreau